Why do people like to put a custom entrance logo mat at the front door

  • Sep 10, 2022

Maybe we will consider a question for a long time, why do so many businesses and enterprises will place a commercial carpet with a logo at the door? It seems to be the unwritten law that you must decorate your business with a rug at the entrance, and ideally have a complementary relationship with the business.


Perhaps people see this phenomenon every day and have become accustomed to the appearance of this scene, and they will not feel surprised, and it has become a subtle habit. But we still need to realize why so many business owners or shop owners are keen to put a large mat with a custom logo on the door.

commercial floor mats with logo

Reasons People Like To Put Commercial Door Mats With Logos 


Commercial floor mats with logos are not only for the decoration of the entrance but also occupy a certain value and play a different role in commercial services and customer value.


Here are 4 good reasons why people like to put custom entrance logo mats at the front door.


1. Safety considerations for your employees and customers


The entrances and exits of enterprises are the places with the largest flow of people, and accidents often occur. How to reduce the occurrence of accidents will be a good question worth thinking about. The mats will soak up some of the water and keep it off your floors, which can become very slippery when wet. Customer safety is the number one concern of any business, so anything that you can do to make your establishment safer will automatically benefit your company. Entrance floor mats are the best way for a business to proactively avoid such accidents and liability claims. 


Let's think more deeply, if a customer or employee falls here, then the consequences will be serious, in addition to the damage to the body, maybe it will also have a certain impact on the business.



So just need a commercial entrance mat to protect your employees, customers, and business.

 commercial door mats with logo

2. The first impression will be a business opportunity


Create a custom logo mat and make a lasting impression with your clientele. Placing an entrance logo mat with your company name right at the door letting people know they are at the right place giving credibility to your brand image. 



As mentioned above, the commercial door mats with logos bring personal safety protection. In addition, as the first stop at the entrance, printing your logo or brand logo on the carpet is undoubtedly an excellent publicity opportunity. 


custom logo floor mats for business

3. Boost your branding and value


Effective visual merchandising involves using a customized floor mat in a store to engage customers. You can use it to convey information to customers. It does not require long words, but a short sentence or a slogan can solve things.



In fact, your keen business sense is telling you not to miss any opportunity to stand out from the competition.


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4. Brand awareness and unique creativity


We all know that the road to branding is not easy. Many companies may have gone through many years to achieve today's achievements, but don't miss any opportunity to leave a brand recall in people's minds. It is possible to promote your brand at every moment, such as the carpet at the entrance and exit, maybe your carpet is unique and makes people want to tell their friends after knowing it, then this has its effect. 


In fact, every viral marketing is likely to inadvertently, people will talk about it widely and leave a discussion, especially in such a developed Internet age, a little flame can ignite an entire community.

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