Where do we usually place logo mats?

  • Oct 28, 2022

Where do we usually place logo mats?

  With the current development, the use value of the mat has already been diluted, and more of it has a specific use value, and it can also highlight the role of decoration, publicity, and influence. As we often see, there are many places where commercial door mats with logos will be placed, which has become a convention. The most classic in our subconscious is that often every company, bank, and the hotel entrance will have an especially customizable floor mat, which either looks serious or very luxurious.

  More and more enterprises are sparing no effort to carry out publicity work. In the current business society with such fierce competition, publicity needs to be integrated into all aspects of the enterprise. As we've talked about logo floor mats for business becoming an integral part of your business, it's certainly a good question to ask where to put your logo mat.

Outdoor Entrance for Commercial Occasions

  As the most common logo carpet placement, the outdoor entrance of commercial occasions is undoubtedly very eye-catching. Not only the business personnel who want to enter the building can notice it, but also passers-by can notice it, which is undoubtedly important for the publicity of the company to the help effect.


  On the one hand, outdoor entrance mats can absorb rain, snow, and soles very well. On the other hand, if your outdoor entrance commercial mat has a unique brand logo or interesting slogan, it will make your publicity more effective.

extra large outside door mats


Indoor Entrance For Commercial Occasions

  The entrance of office buildings, banks, and hotels is undoubtedly a place with a lot of traffic. Placing a promotional carpet at the entrance will also be a good choice. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the interior, but also cleans the soles of guests' shoes, and also has a decorative effect. On this basis, it can enhance brand awareness and can leave a good first image and brand recall.


inside door mats


Hotel Reception

  The front desk of the hotel, as a place to receive customers when entering the hotel, represents the image of the entire enterprise, so it is often the place that needs special attention. Often the logo carpet at the front desk needs to be luxurious, and it can also leave a good first impression and look and feel to the guests.

Hotel reception commercial floor mats with logo


In The Elevator

  Logo carpets are often laid in some elevators. On the one hand, it is to improve the quality of service and let customers feel good service all the time. The second is to give customers a strong impression of the brand through repeated mentions of the brand. Many customers are not very impressed with the places they go, and at this time, you can strengthen the customer's impression through repeated prompts.

elevator logo mat

Gym or Indoor Sports Venue

  Many gyms will also set up logo mats, the main function is to protect and absorb the sweat produced by exercise. The actual role here is greater than the brand value, and it is more to protect the athletes. At the same time, due to the equipment, laying the carpet can also protect the floor.

gym extra large logo mat

In The Supermarket

  We can see many logo carpets in supermarkets, which are generally placed where they need to be kept fresh. Placing a logo carpet here can also play two roles, one is to place dairy products spilled on the ground, and the other is to create unique signs to guide customers.

custom logo floor mats for business

Meeting Room

  Many meeting rooms also need to be carpeted. While absorbing noise and keeping quiet, it can also promote the company's philosophy to employees. An impressive slogan is undoubtedly a good choice.

meeting room extra large logo mat

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