What is the best material for a exhibition tent?

  • Nov 20, 2022

What Is The Best Material For A Exhibition Tent?

As more and more exhibition merchants use trade show tents to display their unique logos and promote their brands, exhibition tents are undoubtedly an ideal tool to stand out in the exhibition.

What tents are made of is a common question many customers are asking before they buy their own tents. After all, the type of tent material will factor heavily into the type of use they’ll have for it.

This is the reason why choosing the right material for your commercial tents is more important than you realize. Most tent materials are stronger and sturdier than the classic camping tent fabric, but they all have different qualities that make them better for different tasks. Here are what fabrics commercial tents commonly use, and for your info for various events.


Nylon & Polyester

As the most widely used man-made fibers, nylon, and polyester often appear in various fabrics and are also the main materials for exhibition tents. They stand out because of their great performance, and strong and durable features, which are undoubtedly one of the best trade show tent materials.


Advantages of Nylon and Polyester

Cost-Effective – a good tent won’t cost much made from synthetic materials.

Lightweight – tents have to be picked up and moved around plenty, this is much easier when using lightweight fabrics. 

Fast to dry – moisture is the enemy and these materials are less affected by it.

Less-maintenance –– these materials can be resistant to rips and moisture damage.

Coatings & Water Resistant -Synthetic, or man-made fabrics will have a special coating that increases their resistance to solar degradation and also improves their capacity to keep out water.


Disadvantages of Nylon and Polyester

These materials aren’t especially breathable and this means that your tent may collect moisture on the inside if you don’t allow it to dry. This can happen in especially rainy weather.

Being plastic materials, nylon and polyester degrade in the UV light and will soon show visible sun-bleaching.

Because they are especially lightweight, these materials are especially noisy in high wind, at the same time, they may be blown away by strong winds.


Cotton & Canvas

As a natural fiber with a history of hundreds of years, the performance of cotton and canvas has passed the test of time. It was originally used as a material for sails on the sea, and it needs to resist strong winds and waves. There is no doubt that a durability is a necessary option, and most of the current canvas material is made of cotton.


Advantages of Cotton and Canvas

Cotton is also breathable and absorbs water. This means that moisture on the inside of the tent will be absorbed into the fabrics and wicked away where it will be dried.

Because of their composition, canvas or cotton tents will not flap around in the wind. 

Natural fabrics are more resistant to the rays of the sun and will not deteriorate.


Disadvantages of Cotton and Canvas

Cotton and canvas tents are heavy.

Canvas tents may need to be “weather” before they can be used in a camping situation. This means that they need to b pitched and allowed to absorb the rain, this allows the canvas fabrics to expand and seal up the holes –– without this important process the tent could leak.

Cotton and canvas tents require more maintenance. Because they will absorb the fluids and water to a certain degree, it is important to allow your canvas tent to dry completely before storing it. This can take significantly longer with some tents and much longer than with synthetic materials. If this step is not taken, the tent material could deteriorate. A small tear or rip could turn into a major problem.

A cotton tent will cost you many times what a nylon or polyester tent will cost.


If your budget is limited and you want a durable and reusable exhibition tent, there is no doubt that polyester or nylon tents will be a good choice. A durable polyester tent uses a very strong fabric material such as 600d oxford. And if you need a tent that is very durable and will not fade due to long-term use, then choosing a canvas tent is a good choice, but considering factors such as budget and weight, repeated trade-offs are required.


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