How to custom a tablecloth for a trade show

  • Nov 6, 2022

How to custom a tablecloth for a trade show?

As an integral part of a trade show, trade show tablecloths will always be an essential part of your business success. As everyone is doing, printing your own logo and brand on the exhibition tablecloth will undoubtedly maximize the promotional effect. We are all emphasizing the importance of logo tablecloths, it is really crucial, imagine that when other businesses have their own symbolic tablecloths, you have a brochure or product on your bare table, this aspect seems It is very abrupt, and on the other hand, it seems unprofessional and unconvincing to urge merchants to conduct business cooperation with you.

At the same time, customized tablecloths have undoubtedly become the first choice of merchants. This relies on the good effect brought by the customized tablecloth, and at the same time, you can give full play to your creative ability and apply your unique creativity to the tablecloth. So how to customize an exhibition tablecloth is a question worthy of in-depth thinking and research.

 fitted table cloths

Determine the feature of the trade show tablecloth

1. Determine the size of the tablecloth

The standard trade show table size is either 6- or 8-foot-wide x 30” tall x 30” deep. This should give you between 12 and 16 square feet to work with. This standard size gives you plenty of space to add your logo and branding directly to the tablecloth you use.

Generally, you need to decide the size of the tablecloth you need to customize according to the size of your booth and the size of the table.

2. Decide on tablecloth type and style

To promote your business and create big-scale brand awareness, you cannot miss a custom tablecloth. A well-dressed table best portrays your company with creativity. We also need to know the type of tablecloth.



Traditional standard tablecloths with custom prints that could be logos or images. You need this slick, professional tablecloth if you want to get attention at the upcoming trade show!

Fitted & Stretch


The table looks appealing and well-defined when the cloth is covered correctly, giving a tight fit. Our “fitted & stretch” type of tablecloths are made stretchable, letting you expand them and fit firmly around the table. They are made versatile with the options of 3-sided (open-back) and 4-sided (full coverage).




Suppose you want to avail yourself of the advantage of convertible tablecloths because they are definitely a cost-effective option. In that case, you must choose from a flagship fully-printed tablecloth or a branded tablecloth with a logo print only. Such tablecloths are made size adjustable, letting you fit the tablecloth in a matter of seconds whether you have an 8ft & 6ft table or a 6ft & 4ft table in front of you.



As the name defines, it is crafted with two complimentary designed table throws that are placed on top of each other. This is one of the most innovative, captivating, and striking designs ever made. 



Putting a round table as a centerpiece to your booth can be a good decision. Considering the importance of a round table, we have round tablecloths to offer. We make round custom tablecloths in various styles, including standard, fitted, stretch, and stain-resistant. 

Table Runners


Table runners are essential in creating a personal, private environment more unique where your guests can communicate. Custom tablecloths will surely bring the necessary attention to your booth regardless of the tough competition. But it would help if you thought about pairing them with custom table runners.


5 Tips To Choose Your Trade Show Table Covers

1. Choose The Right Material

You want your trade show table covers to be crafted from the right materials. There are multiple options for this. For example, you can choose from basic vinyl, heavy vinyl, cloth, and leather or leatherette materials. You should select your materials based on the environment of your trade show and the products you’re offering.


2. Identify The Right Colors

It’s equally important to identify the right colors for your trade show table covers. Choose colors that are consistent with your branding, and audience research, and something that will allow enough contrast to ensure your logo pops!


3. Use The Right Sized Letters

The letters in your logo should be large enough to read from at least 10 feet away. Keep that in mind as you order your trade show table banner. Our recommendation is to keep your letters at 2 to 3 inches in height on a 6-foot-tall table.


4.  Keep Your Design Simple

You’ll want to keep your design simple. The more details you add, the more distracting it will be. You have just a couple of seconds to capture attention—avoid busy designs that are easy to overlook.


5. Choose the Right Design Team

And finally, make sure you hire the right graphic design team for your table cover!

trade show table covers with logo

It is not difficult to find a professional tablecloth factory, but you need to know the type of tablecloth you need first, and then select the corresponding tablecloth, which is the key point.

trade show tablecloth with logo


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