How To Choose Exhibition Tent Size

  • Oct 21, 2022

How To Choose Exhibition Tent Size?

For participating in exhibitions and tradeshows in commercial activities, some display products are often unavoidable, such as display tablecloths and flags. For most businesses, custom pop up tents is often an indispensable item. Having a trade show tent means more than just a platform to showcase your products that gives customers a place to rest, but also serves as publicity to boost your brand’s impact.

We all know that there are large and small trade show popup tents, and how to find the most suitable size will be a required course for every businessman.

Custom Canopy Tent 10x10

The simple formula for tent size reference

For the selection of the size of the exhibition tent, we can refer to the method of daily selection of tents, and determine some larger custom tents with logos through simple formulas.

We use the following simple math formulas to advise on the appropriate tent size (in square footage):


  • Multiply the guest number by 12 if you want round tables for a buffet or sit-down dinner. (150 guest x 12 = 1,800 sq.ft)
  • Multiply the guest number by 10 if you want banquet tables for a buffet or sit-down dinner. (150 guest x 10 = 1,500 sq. ft)
  • Multiply the guest number by 8 if you want to have a cocktail party with limited seating. (150 guest x 8 = 1,200 sq. ft)


  • Multiply the guest number by 8 if you want rows of chairs (sometimes called classroom or cathedral seating. (150 guest x 8 = 1,200 sq. ft)

This is often used to determine the size of tents for very large events such as weddings, dinners, etc.


Custom Tents With Logo

We can also preliminarily estimate the area of the tent and the number of people that can be accommodated through the following table.

Event Tent
# of Guests
Ceremony/Theatre Style
# of Guests at
Round Tables
10×10 100 15 10 people at 1 tables
20×20 400 68 40 people at 4 tables
20×30 600 90 60 people at 6 tables
20×40 800 100 80 people at 8 tables
20×50 1000 150 100 people at 10 tables
30×60 1800 245 180 people at 18 tables
40×60 2400 342 240 people at 24 tables
40×100 4000 600 400 people at 40 tables


However, only preliminary estimates can be made through calculation formulas, and this method is often not suitable for trade show canopy tents that usually only need to use 10'x10', 10'x15', 10'x20', 20'x20', 30'x30'.


Several factors from a practical point of view

1. The difficulty of tent installation

Usually, at the exhibition, the larger tent is more advantageous, both in terms of floor space and the number of customers that can be accommodated.

But the problem we need to consider is not only the volume, the larger the tent, the more difficult it is to assemble and store, and a small tent may be easier to store and assemble, and even one person can complete the exhibition layout.

It's up to the merchant's preference, if you're assembling and operating in a multi-person team, even a big tent doesn't matter. If it is often a person, then it is recommended that a small tent is more suitable.

Giraffeus Inc 20x20 tent

2. Popup tents capacity you need

As for how much capacity you need, it depends on your business itself. Maybe you are already a well-known company, so you may need larger tents and venues to communicate with customers. Or maybe you need to place more products, and your business is broad. So how much capacity you need often depends on your own needs. The general recommendation is that a 10'x15' or 20'x20' custom tents with a logo can already meet the needs of most businesses.

Custom Pop Up Tents

3. Price and value for money

The most important issue to consider is the question of value. It's not that the bigger the custom tent is, the more expensive it is. There are many factors to consider, including the material of the product, as well as workmanship, size, and so on. What we should consider more is how to obtain cost-effective products. If the materials and durability are similar, how to choose a 20'x20' exhibition tent for $1,000 and a 30'x30' exhibition tent for $1,200 is already obvious. 

 Custom Tents With Logos For Trade Show



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