How To Choose Drinkware As A Gift

  • Nov 14, 2022

How To Choose Drinkware As A Gift

In Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other festivals, how to choose a unique and thoughtful gift is undoubtedly a problem that needs to be considered. Choosing custom-made drinkware is undoubtedly a good choice. On the one hand, it is practical, no matter who can use it, and on the other hand, because of its customization, it can show your creativity and ingenious ideas.

With the development of the epidemic, more and more places advocate bringing their own water cups, which is also a trend. Whether in the office, traveling, or at home, a customized water bottle can always find its right place. How to choose a custom drinking set as a gift? We summarize some experiences for you.


 1. Choose the type of cup

There are many types of cups in our daily life, including tumblers, mugs, coffee cups, and ordinary water bottles. When we are choosing the type of cup, we need to consider the actual usage scenario. For example, choosing a tumbler for a child is a very good choice. Not only can it be brought to school, but also hot water can be drunk at any time, which is very beneficial for children. For office workers, choosing a mug is a good idea. Usually, I will pick up water or make coffee in the office. A mug with a handle is not only beautiful but also can make a variety of drinks, which is very suitable for office workers.


 2. Choose the material of the cup

Different types of drinking utensils are often made of different materials. Objects to be used need to be considered in many ways. The general materials of tumblers are stainless steel and plastic. Relatively speaking, stainless steel is more suitable for children. On the one hand, stainless steel is not easy to damage and will not hurt children. On the other hand, stainless steel is not toxic, which ensures the safety of children.

The mug is made of ceramics, which is not only more beautiful in appearance but also can keep warm and prevent scalding. Choose the right material to make the gift more effective.

double wall stainless steel tumbler

 3. The capacity of drinkware

How to choose a suitable capacity needs to refer to the daily living habits of the individual. If you usually drink a lot of water or it is inconvenient to receive water, it is recommended to use a large-capacity tumbler such as 40oz or 32oz. For students or those who do not drink much water, consider 20oz and 12oz small tumblers.


4. Drinkware price

While the factors mentioned above can help you pick an ideal drinkware for daily use, you may still not be able to afford it due to a restricted budget. To avoid this, find out the prices and look for a model that fits your price range. If you need a high-quality container to keep your beverages at a certain temperature all day long, do not think twice before paying a higher price as you will get excellent value in return.


5. Drinkware design

For those who want distinctive drinkware, whether it can be customized, the printing method used for customization, and the cost of customization are all factors to be seriously considered. Only the merchants who can provide customized services are determined first, and then the fee is determined according to the printing method. It is necessary to communicate to determine whether the logo you want to print can be realized.


Through various considerations, a suitable and thoughtful drinking utensil can be selected as a gift. Customized drinkware is not only practical and functional, but the unique customized logo will make the gift unforgettable.

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